The Story of Fetch Brew Co.

By Jade and Bear

 For the love of DOGS…and Beer! Forgive us if we don’t see what all the fuss is about, personally Bear and I prefer a good rip from the upstairs’ toilet, but you humans seem to have an affinity for this craft beer stuff. We don’t know, maybe it’s because of the variety it comes in, or the smell it makes when you take a big sip out of one of those fancy hand held bowls or something… one thing’s for sure you do love to drink a bunch of it which tells me it must taste good!

Since 2017 our owners have introduced us to so many kind K9s and their humans and it seems all these dogs had two things in common… each had a level of love and devotion from their human unmatched by anything we had seen, and all of those humans really seemed to love that colorful, strange but pleasingly smelling liquid! Come to find out, Stacey and Bryan actually make the stuff and you know what, we’d like to share it with you!

Back on that fateful day in 2016, we decided that this was the life for us and we’ve been inspiring Stacey and Bryan to make this strange concoction ever since. All of our friends, and Bear and I have endeared ourselves into the fabric of both Stacey and Bryan and the brews that have resulted are a special blend of K9 love and refreshment. Whether its in the name of a particular beer or the recipe it was created from, each Fetch Brew Co beer is made in the name of one of us.

Rossano family

The Fetch Brew Co. crowd: Stacey and Bryan Rossano with Jade and Bear