"Join the Pack"

Made in the spirit of your special canine. Let Fetch Brew Co. craft a custom beer dedicated to your furry friend–present or in memoriam! Tell us about your pup and favorite “sudz” and we’ll make a perfect tribute brew.


Recent brews dedicated to our canine friends

Harper’s Head in the Clouds IPA

Meet our friend Harper. Everything about her is BIG. . . her love of her baseball, her love of her humans and her love of life! Fawn color, BIG aromas, and citrussy flavor all tied together with a pillowy head remind us of Harper. So Harper, welcome to the pack and from our doghouse to yours. . . RUFF! (That’s ‘cheers’ in dogspeak!)


Harpers IPA label
Bustas the bomb

Busta’s DaBomb

A truly one of a kind ale. Just like ‘Ol Buster here, this brew is DaBomb! The blend of Citra and Mosaic Hops creates the perfect base of flavor and aroma to pair with the late blueberry addition. At just over 5% ABV this beer is meant to invoke the memories of a refreshing trip to the Swift River for a cooling dip on a hot Summer’s day, one of Buster’s favorite Summertime activities!


Jill’s Golden Rule

Hey everyone, meet Jill. Known in her pack as the neighborhood greeter, Jill knew nothing but affection from her human, MJ. Jill replicated that with all she met including her own “puppy”. You could say she lived her life by  “Jill’s Golden Rule”: Love lots, snuggle often, and wag on!


Harpers IPA label
Rascal's Pawshake
Marvelous Marvin
Otis Dock Lager label
Busta's Da Bomb label

“Join the Pack”

More wisdom from Jade and Bear

The bond between you humans and K9 kind reaches back ages… A stare that penetrates your soul, the kinship of a gentle touch of my paw to your leg, the wag of my tail as I see you walking in the door… you, are my life, my being, and my comfort. What do you want? That smelly ‘ol slipper, my favorite stick, the neighbor’s garden gnome? What, name it… I’ll go get it and bring it to you.

I will be loyal, devoted, excited, amorous, protective, fresh, mischievous, perceptive, and happy. I will be your comfort when you are sad, your support when you are down, and your biggest fan when you are excited. I’ll watch and entertain the kids, keep the cat in line, and occasionally ruin a good roll of toilet paper just to make you laugh. I will do anything for you…

All I ask in return is a pat on the head, a kiss, a smile… above all else, to be a part of you.


“RUFF!” That’s cheers in dog talk